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Instructions to Setup Okta SSO - INTEGRISHIELD

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Follow the instructions below:

Alternatively, you may book a call with us (contact number or link of the page that has contact details), and we’ll be happy to walk through the setup with you. 

Be sure to invite your Okta Admin.



  1. Requirements 
  2. Supported Features 
  3. Configurations Steps 
  4. Logging Into IntegriShield Using Okta. 
  5. Notes. 



  • Admin access to an Okta org. 


Supported Features 

  • Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow:  
  • This authentication flow occurs when the user attempts to log in to the application from IntegriShield. 


Configuration Steps

  • In Okta, Go to Applications >> Browse App Catalog, and search and add IntegriShield application.
  • Assign the users or groups that should be able to log into the new IntegriShield integration.
  • Go to the IntegriShield App >> Sign-On tab and note Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Now contact Integrishield support with the following information:
    • Your Okta Domain (similar to acme.okta.com) 
    • Client ID 
    • Client Secret 
  • The customer support representative will use above information to create the new tenant on the app. The newly created tenant will be mapped over a new sub-domain on integrishield.com for example acme.integrishield.com.
  • Customer support will provide you the newly mapped sub-domain which you can enter in the Sub-Domain field under your Okta app settings.

Note: Here acme is an example organization name used for illustrative purpose.


Logging Into IntegriShield Using Okta

Once the Okta SSO is setup, users of the IntegriShield account can login as usual: 

  • Go to https://acme.integrishield.com.
  • It will redirect you to Okta.
  • Login with the user added in Okta application.



Once enabled, users can only log into the IntegriShield account through Okta. Old passwords will no longer work for existing users. 


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"The quality service that IntegriShield provides gives me peace of mind regarding compliance. They work as an extension of my department to identify and resolve any misrepresentation found and serve as a resource to me regarding specific compliance questions. I highly recommend them for institutions who need a partner not a vendor." - Mary Wetzel, Central Penn College


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