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IntegriShield Awarded for Compliance Monitoring Security Discover the Three-Step Technology Protecting Businesses

IntegriShield Awarded for Compliance Monitoring Security Discover the Three-Step Technology Protecting Businesses

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) December 09, 2014


IntegriShield, a compliance company, has been honored by the Kansas City Business Journal with a 2014 ImpacT Award for technology security. This recognition pulls back the curtain on a looming issue—third-party misrepresentation. Far too many companies are unaware of the growing threat to marketing initiatives caused by websites, blogs and social media. Essentially your business is at risk, but are you doing enough to remain protected and compliant in your industry?


“The costs of fines and lawsuits have been known to accumulate in the multi-millions, but our Compliance Monitoring technology works to alleviate that worry for business owners,” said IntegriShield President Jennifer Flood. “Enhancing security is our mission because any misrepresentation to a client’s business can be damaging to the company’s reputation and bottom line.”


Designed to protect companies advertising efforts, IntegriShield monitors, tracks and enforces regulation to ensure consistent and compliant messaging. Its technology has flagged thousands of regulatory and brand violations, and its compliance experts have an approximate resolution rate at 90 percent.


Enhancing Security is a Three-Step Process

  1. Monitor your brand across all marketing channels and review infractions with compliance experts.
  2. Enforce deadlines for corrective action on any infractions detected
  3. Analyze real-time data consistently to maintain control of your advertising


In addition to annual business planning, Flood encourages clients to re-evaluate their 2015 compliance plans.


“Astoundingly, many companies have an inadequate compliance monitoring process. It’s a position similar to wishing you had auto insurance after you get into an accident—it’s too late,” said Flood. “It’s an honor to have our technology recognized, but at the end of the day it’s even more rewarding to know the impact and success we have on helping our clients thrive.”



About IntegriShield:

IntegriShield specializes in protecting companies’ brand and online monitoring. The Internet has provided anyone the ability to misuse company trademarks and misrepresent brands. IntegriShield uses award-winning proprietary technology to track, monitor and remediate violations of industry regulations and brand specific standards. For more information about IntegriShield visit http://www.integrishield.com.


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"The quality service that IntegriShield provides gives me peace of mind regarding compliance. They work as an extension of my department to identify and resolve any misrepresentation found and serve as a resource to me regarding specific compliance questions. I highly recommend them for institutions who need a partner not a vendor." - Mary Wetzel, Central Penn College


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