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Copyright infringement affects brands of every size, shape and income.  From A-List celebrities to small mom and pop corporations, various media outlets provide a vast canvas for the misuse of trademarked materials. Over the last century, celebrities have struggled with unauthorized use of their materials, where others sought to infringe upon their successes for financial gain. In 2003 Maureen Marder, better known as the inspiration behind the 1983 movie “Flashdance,” sued Jennifer Lopez claiming Lopez and her label, Epic , illegally portrayed Marder’s life story in her 2003 video, “I’m Glad.” The case was dismissed in 2005 due to Marder’s lack of copyright ownership.[1]

In more recent years the “Beliber” himself was sued for $10 million alongside Usher for copyright Infringement for their collaboration “Somebody to Love.” In May 2013 Devin Copeland and Mareio Overton, both songwriters, claimed that Justin Bieber’s hit, “Contained several lyrical and stylistic similarities to the song of the same name they penned in 2008.” As of June 2013 Bieber filed a motion for dismissal due to lack of jurisdiction and improper venue, but no conclusion has been made.[2] If one song wasn’t enough to break the bank, Robin Thicke was sued for infringement for three. Marvin Gaye’s family filed a lawsuit in October 2013 claiming that Robin Thicke ripped off a handful of Gaye’s songs. Among the three songs in question, Thicke’s summer hit “Blurred Lines” followed by ,“Love After War” and “Make U Love Me.[3]” Currently this case is still in court.

Although the star of many infringement lawsuits, the entertainment industry is not the only field threatened by copyright infringement, small companies and large enterprises run the same risk of infringement by failing to properly track and monitor their copyrighted material online.  The internet has created an infringement war zone with misused material found on websites, social media and blogs. IntegriShield’s Infringement Detection service has created a virtual safe haven for companies searching for a way to monitor their copyrighted material. Don’t let others make a profit from abusing your copyrighted material. For more information on how to protect your brand call 816.994.1313 or request information.

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